ISA account

Maximise your returns with our tax efficient stocks and shares ISA.

In today’s difficult economic climate it is more important than ever to maximize your returns with a tax efficient, stocks and shares ISA. With an X-O ISA you choose where and when to make your investments, building a portfolio to meet your needs.

What are the benefits of an ISA account?

All profits made within an ISA account are completely free from capital gains tax and there is no further income tax due on dividends paid on shares held within the ISA wrapper.

What can I invest in?

You can invest in a wide range of products including UK listed shares, Gilts, Bonds, Exchange Traded Funds and Investment Trusts. Please note that you cannot buy or hold overseas shares or unit trusts in an X-O account

How much can I subscribe to an ISA account?

The subscription allowance for the tax year is £.

How much does it cost?

Deal over the internet for a fixed commission of £5.95 per trade. To help you maximise the benefits of an ISA, we do not charge an annual management fee. Our simple and transparent charges can be found by clicking on the button below.

Can I transfer shares I already own into an ISA account?

Unfortunately the current Regulations do not allow you to transfer shares directly into your ISA but under HMRC rules you can take advantage of your ISA allowance without having to subscribe any new money by using a process known as "Bed and ISA". You simply instruct us to sell shares you already hold and transfer the proceeds (up to the annual allowance limit) to your ISA – the proceeds are then used to buy back your shares.

All you need to do is open an ISA account, if you haven't got one already, and then complete this form with details of which shares you would like to Bed and ISA from your nominee account, and email it to

Alternatively, if you hold the share certificate(s), send them to us, together with a signed Crest Transfer Form (one for each holding) and a copy of this form - please ensure you open an ISA online before sending us your certificates.

Please note that when buying the same shares back there will be a small difference in price due to the bid/offer spread, and government stamp duty will apply on the purchase - this means you will not be able to buy back the same number of shares.

Please remember to cancel any stop loss or limit orders on your nominee account attached to the stocks you instruct us to Bed & ISA. You can of course resubmit new orders on your ISA account once the process is complete.

How do I apply?

Simply click here and you could be trading today.

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